Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years Eve at Hope & Anchor

The boys and I decided to have dinner out on New Years Eve. Hope and Anchor is a nice reliable haunt of ours. In Red Hook we don't have many but this one is a good one! They had me at the cobb salad. Anyway! We went there around 10:30pm on NYE just 30 minutes before they stopped serving food.
When we got there; there was already a HUGE Karaoke crowd developing. The waiter, polite, but annoyed that we came in so close to kitchen closing time, walked us huffily behind the 6'4" tall drag queen singing "I will survive" in the middle of the restaurant.

Never the less, the boys and I had a grand old time... We started with some buffalo wings (which in my opinion should be stricken from their menu) and some beers (two beers for me and the big boy, a water for the young en) Then our order.... Cory ordered a burger with chorizo and an egg, Chad ordered Pirogues (no photo, he at them too fast for me to get a photo) and I ordered the Chinese chicken salad. (see photos below)

The burger met RAVE reviews from the boy, the pirogues were "good" and my salad. .eh good but I should stuck with the cobb I was told that I compare every salad I get to that cobb and I'm always so disappointed. Oh well you live, eat and ya learn right?

After our meal I took some photos of the back room we were placed in as the only patrons eating at that hour, and we tried to get the boy to stay and watch some people make fools of themselves singing Karaoke, but he was already freaked out by the giant transvestite, so we went home, donned our Happy New Years top hats (in assorted colors) and watched the ball drop in times square.

Enjoy our photos below!